Is Artificial Turf a Safe Playground Base

Artificial turf is a popular base in sports fields and recreational grounds, and homeowners have started to appreciate its benefits. It is popular due to its aesthetic value and low maintenance. A concerned parent may wonder whether this lawn covering is a safe playground base. Here are the potential benefits and risks of artificial turf to help you decide if it is a safe choice for your playground: 

Benefits of Turf

Artificial turf offers numerous benefits when used as a playground base. Here are some of these benefits:

Fall Protection 

Falls and tumbles are unavoidable when kids are on the playground. You may be able to reduce the chances of your child getting badly injured from a fall by lessening the impact. Synthetic turf provides excellent shock absorption when installed with proper padding, giving your child a softer landing if they fall. 

Synthetic turf offers a level ground and does not give way like dirt or sand, reducing your child’s chances of slipping while playing. There is also a reduced chance of cuts and scrapes when a child falls on artificial grass rather than sand, wood chips, or natural grass. 


As children run and roll around in playgrounds, they are exposed to germs, cuts, and scratches from falls. Unlike other playground bases, you can have artificial turf cleaned, removing germs. A child playing on a playground with lawn turf may come into contact with fewer germs and bring in less dirt. 

Allergen Resistance

Artificial grass is a safe playground base for children with pollen and grass allergies. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not release pollen as your children jump around and play. Your child can enjoy playtime without worrying about watery eyes, hay fever, or a runny nose. 

While pollen may come from nearby trees in the playground, artificial turf reduces your child’s chances of allergy symptoms. Synthetic grass also eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, which can aggravate allergy symptoms.  

Potential Risks 

While artificial turf has several benefits, there are some potential risks. They include:

Tripping Hazard 

The initial synthetic grass installation requires a lot of details and can be tricky for non-professionals. If not installed properly, artificial grass can form seams which become tripping hazards as kids play outside. Hire a professional to install artificial grass to eliminate the risk of tripping hazards from lifting edges. 

Surface Heat 

Artificial grass holds more heat than natural grass and does not have a cooling effect. Because of this, its surface can be too hot for your child’s tender feet, especially during summertime. It is unlikely for your child to get burns from synthetic turf, but they might be uncomfortable playing on artificial grass. 

Lighter-colored artificial grass does not absorb as much heat, and a light-colored silica sand infill repels heat from direct sunlight. You can quickly cool artificial grass by lightly spraying it with your garden hose. And since turf has excellent drainage capabilities, you may not have a wet playground afterward. 

Install Artificial Turf Today

Artificial turf is a safe and reliable option for playground base material. It offers fall protection, cleanliness, and allergen-free properties. It provides a soft non-slip surface that meets safety regulations, while its drainage holes help avoid flooding on wet days and keep the turf clean after heavy rainfalls. For optimal results, hire a professional landscape turf company for proper installation to make sure your synthetic turf looks great and provides optimum safety for children playing around on it.

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