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Specialists and experts say data science is the future. Event right now world’s largest business and events are goes to dependents on data science. For non-profitable example, cricket or soccer prediction, next possible USA president, advanced weather update, etc., at the same time, big companies go to data scientists for product analysis, data classification, data engineering service, and others. Algoscale is one such Data Science Company that has working for the last many years with success. On different brands of data science and commercial analysis, they have a considerable contribution. And today we will keep some contribution to share some information about them.

Funding and origin

Algoscale was founded so many years ago. But officially, it had started in 2014. From that time, they have been serving their works and service by website. Their founder Neeraj Agarwal previously published so many papers on Stanford University, and he is a very scholarly person in data science. And currently, their director is Ashok Mutton, who is a specialist in IoT. Right now, they have 2 different official branches. One is in Noida in India. Another office is stated in California in the USA.

Their service

Most of their service is related to data engineering, data science and analysis, business intelligence, and product designing. Besides that, they have to do some niche-based projects. They have served more than 50 large enterprise-level companies in retail, hospitality, e-commerce, advertisement, and others. Since they have maintained a 99% success rate, 80% of their clients retake their service over the year.

Future Goal

This company has had to work in this industry for the last 6+ years. Day by day, their task and working procedure become more advance and more mature. They have working with all the updated data algorithms. Since they are working with the latest system and algorithm, they will be more mature with time. Their goal is to serve more companies and spared more companies their services with the best quality.

This was interesting when I saw people take data science seriously. See automation will reduce your energy and cost too from hiring extra person. In data science, automation, ML (machine learning), AI (artificial intelligence), and data engineering are different branches. All those branches have different types of use, and people have additional commercial output too. And in this significant and vital industry, companies like Algoscale keep their contribution each day. I hope it will be more developed and more mature soon. that day, business, marketing, and production will not be possible by perfect data, be more advanced and more depth.

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