Medical World: What is an LTAC Nurse?

Nurses with specialization are the ones that are most in-demand this pandemic season. One of these nurses is the LTAC nurse, LTAC stands for long-term acute care. They are mainly in charge of patients who are discharged from intensive care units and still need to be monitored for a period of time to make them recover faster. The number of LTAC nurses in Louisiana is continuously needed and this is a good opportunity for nurses to advance their careers and get higher pay. So if you are a nurse learn more about LTAC nursing jobs and you might want to make this your specialization. 

What is LTAC in nursing?

LTAC facilities are built to accommodate people who are sick, injured, or disabled. There are conditions that need monitoring for a month or more and most of the patients here are released from intensive care units. To continue with their recovery patients are recommended to stay in an LTAC facility since LTAC nurses can assist them and they are trained specifically to look after these kinds of patients. 

Is LTAC the same as ICU?

There are several differences between LTAC and ICU:

  • In ICU patients need more intensive care compared with the ones in LTAC facilities. The intensity of care needed for ICU patients is higher compared with the ones in LTAC facilities. 
  • The severity of the need for support in breathing for patients in ICU is a must while for patients on LTAC they are only used if needed. 
  • Most patients in ICU have limited movements and badly need assistance to be able to move, but LTAC patients are able to move on their own but some still need assistance, especially disabled and elderly patients. 

What Does an LTAC nurse do?

Do assessment and evaluation of patients

From the time the patient is admitted to the LTAC facility, the LTAC nurse makes an assessment and evaluation of the patient to know their needs as well as what is needed to be prepared and given to the patient to make her stay comfortable. 

Monitor the Patient’s Condition

Regular checking of vital signs is relevant for LTAC patients so they can be monitored properly. LTAC patients are not totally stable yet that’s why their vitals should be checked now and then. In that way, nurses can find out if they need any immediate medications or procedures to make their conditions stable again. Checking their vital signs avoid more risk to the patient’s condition. 


Any action or procedure done to the patient should be reported to the medical team or medical head handling the patient’s case in that way proper medication and care can be given. Teamwork can hasten the healing and recovery of the patients. LTAC nurses should be 100% accurate in the reports they submit, they contribute to being able to give what the patients need and do the necessary procedure just in case immediate action is needed. 

Administer Medication Via IV or Infusion 

Most medicines for LTAC patients are given through IV or infusion. LTAC nurses are trained to do this method and should be knowledgeable on the proper dosage and schedule of administration should be followed. 

Assistant to Physicians and Patients

LTAC nurses assist physicians in many ways. They assist patients and physicians when diagnostic procedures need to be done. LTAC nurses who are assigned to homecare accompany their patients to their doctor’s appointments. 

Operates Machines 

There are several machines in the LTAC facilities such as monitoring and respiratory machines. LTAC nurses must know how to operate the machine found in LTAC facilities.  

Getting familiar with the Medical World: What is an LTAC Nurse? Can give you knowledge on how to advance your career in becoming an LTAC nurse and join the force soon. Having specialization can help you achieve a greater goal as a nurse and broaden your knowledge through continuous learning and experience. Plus LTAC nurse salaries are higher, you can earn more and be able to accomplish more. Advance your career as a nurse by learning the step-by-step ways how to become an LTAC nurse or if you are a new LTAC nurse then go and explore and get more experience needed since experience also counts for LTAC nurses in advancing their careers. 

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