Top two reasons to use recruitment software in 2021

There has been a shift in the way recruiters work today. But one thing has remained consistently steady in the face of all the changes and modifications – recruitment software. The need for good recruitment CRM software is still ubiquitous for all staffing agencies who are seeking a better and efficient way of working.

In 2021, there are many reasons to pursue a better, improved hiring process. The past year has brought in unprecedented challenges. Like every other industry, the recruitment industry had to promptly adapt to new methods of working and doing business.

Of all the advantages of using recruitment CRM in 2020, the two visibly major ones were online recruiting and online skills testing.

Remote recruiting – Recruiters turned to remote recruiting in a big way last year. Everyone was working from home. Due to the turbulent state of the economy, countless more individuals were active in the jobs market. Arranging face-to-face interviews or meeting anyone in person was too improbable. Consequently, the ability to use digital interviews and virtual meetings became extremely valuable. It enabled agencies to continue supporting candidates and organisations that were still hiring people.

Skills testing – Recruitment software also helped recruiters who suddenly found themselves dealing with a high influx of applicants. Skills testing provides a concrete way to assess candidate talents and suitability for a role. So, recruiters whose recruitment software integrated with skills testing software were at an advantage. They were instantly able to send online skills tests to their shortlisted candidates. Results were produced almost instantly after the tests were completed. This helped recruiters further narrow down the applicants while also providing the hiring companies with tangible evidence of the candidate’s abilities.

Now in 2021, these two are still among the top reasons to use recruitment software. Staffing agencies should carefully peruse the options available in the market and select a suitable CRM system. It is crucial for the recruiting software to –

1.  Support remote working

The pre-pandemic work system will not return soon in the foreseeable future. In fact, it might never be the same again. Therefore, remote recruiting is sure to continue to be a big part of how recruitment agencies function. It is important to work with a recruitment CRM solution that supports remote recruiting.

For instance, easily integrating with software solutions that allow video scheduling, skills testing, and online signature, etc., help to streamline the digital hiring process. These different tools are essential for promoting a better and updated recruiting system. So, recruiters must be meticulous in their selection of a CRM system.

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2.  Supports stronger communication 

Communication has always held tremendous significance. But today its importance has deepened. Working with so many digital tools makes everyone pause and reflect on the value of interpersonal relationships. After the transformational last year, such thoughts weigh more heavily on everyone’s minds.

So, in 2021 it is of paramount importance to have a recruitment software tool that supports a streamlined communication system. Regular and consistent interaction and updates with candidates and clients take precedence. A good CRM will automate most communication so that it is easy to respond to emails. Previous messages and key details will be recorded, and are also easy to find for future requirements.

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