8 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test.

Welcome, today I’m going to put to the test eight random kitchen gadgets and where safety is the number one priority. Let’s check this out For the first gadget, I got here: “Bamboo Wooden Foldable Bread Slicer” Have you ever seen something like that?

When I saw it, I was like, “I have to put it to the test.” That’s the coolest thing ever Okay, let’s open this up and see what it’s all about Quick instructions, I sure I can figure this out Oh wow, it just turns like that, and boom, done.

8 Kitchen Gadgets

I think I am supposed to fold it this way and now you got cutting board over here If you like fresh bread, like me, I buy bread like this and cut, boom, like this and then when I hold it, let’s see if it works I’m supposed to go like this with a knife Wow, this is cool Life hack just keep the bread upside down and that way it will be easier to cut it.

Wow that’s really cool it actually does work just got to make sure you got a big knife I wish I had a little bit of a bigger knife but this is the biggest knife I got You to know what? Looking at the picture, I thought this thing would be a lot smaller than it is but wow look at that.

Perfect bread slices that’s for sure I like this gadget I don’t know this is cool look all the bread slices are pretty similar Not super necessary but definitely a cool gadget to have or try out One more thing I forgot to use this thing slides out in here, that way that bread cannot go anywhere so that way you can just cut it really easily.

What I also like about this gadget is that it is really easy to put it away just turn it right here the other way actually let me put this board in there but yeah it doesn’t take too much space just put it away somewhere, pretty cool For this gadget, I got here hot dog dicer and I should have put it to the test when I did a video of 8 hot dog gadgets.

I just couldn’t find it so now I found it let’s see if it works or not Very simple as you can see that’s a pretty sharp blade not too sharp but hot dogs are really soft already so let’s put a hot dog over here it’s really hard that hot dog and let’s try to slice it and dice it pooch oh no!

what did I do wrong well you know what I didn’t like it that it was kind of closing sideways because it wasn’t in the middle being apart is probably even better let’s try this what kind of indestructible hot dog is this.

You know what maybe I should have read the directions because… yeah they say just put the hot dog in squish it and then you are going to have diced hot dog what is happening I don’t know what kind of hot dog.

But look at that let me get a plate you know what it sort of worked, it’s not as easy as I expected but wow look at that, that’s the quickest diced hot dog I’ve ever made that’s for sure let me try this one more time hopefully this time it works way better oh.

You know what this time it works a lot better, I figured how to use it now I can use a knife or something to push it all out. You can even use a spoon or whatever but look at it that’s a really fast way to dice a hot dog.

That’s for sure so now that I have figured out how to use this let me try to use it again and see if I can do it the even easier and faster dog in there and that was painful I think I cut myself I’m so confused how did I cut myself on the other side.

So this gadget I got your strawberry huller. We’ll check it out if it works or not. I got here a bunch of strawberries we’ll see how it works, I think- Whoa look at that this is like a claw. Probably should look at the directions first. Simple directions, you push it out pull it in the stopper let go and pull it out.

The 3-step direction doesn’t take a genius to figure it outright? “Wow” this is often awing, this is often my favorite and it’s satisfying. “Boom” I will do that all day, this is often fun. “Boom” “Wow” Look however lovely these strawberries currently.

My favorite widget obviously for the longest time I had this widget and that is thought it absolutely was reasonably dumb; however, it truly worked this well. I prefer that ingenuity boom thus this widget I arrived 2 tomato slicers one like this, seems like 2 plates, and one like that.

I prefer this one even higher for the primary gadget, let’s have a look at however it works there’s instruction one two three fill it up with uh the tomatoes boom I am solely planning to do a buck then we’re planning to place this on high like that Wow cool this is often what it’s like then we’re planning to come with a knife like this no manner, it works.

understand you recognize what there’s a life hack to try and do constant issue however with simply 2 plates thus I do not undoubtedly works very well, it’s a wing however will we would like this widget you be the decision.

However the second I prefer this one this is often very cool cutting Tomatoes takes an extended time one by one thus this widget most likely are going to be pretty epic thus it here is porous and on this facet.

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