Best sunglasses trends for women in 2021

are the best sunglasses for women in 2021?

You don’t need a beach vacation to flaunt your sunglasses. Whether you are taking a stroll down the streets or sunbathing in your backyard, do it in style with a pair of trendy sunglasses.

Sunnies are a great way to bring life to your outfit. Plus, they are protective of your eyes too. You don’t have to care about the effects of the blazing sun on your eyes when you have a stylish pair of shades on that block 100% UV rays.

Style is an important element and we understand that. But, you must never overlook quality. Good quality sunglasses provide at least 70% protection against UV rays. Some companies even offer sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.

Whether you buy prescription glasses online or a pair of cool sunglasses, make sure you do complete research and choose a retailer that gives the most benefits at least prices.

Here are all the sunglasses trends for women that you will be seeing everywhere this summer.

Skinny or narrow sunglasses

Favoured by young supermodels such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, no wonder why the millennials are chasing after this sunglasses trend.

Due to their impractical size, they don’t cover your eyes as much as other sunglasses do. So, if you are going for this trend, make sure that the lenses give maximum UV protection. Since they are so high-fashion, you can safely wear them to a daytime cocktail party.

Mirror sunglasses

Nothing is as flashy in the sun as a pair of mirror sunglasses. They are an instant outfit boost and lend you a rather mysterious air. Since your eyes are hidden behind the lenses, people won’t be able to read your expressions.

Also, when talking to you, people will be seeing their reflection on your lenses which can be quite intimidating though. While the gold finishing look of the lens illuminates your face, these sunglasses will be adding class and sophistication to your wardrobe.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses

After making a mark in women’s glasses for 2021, tortoiseshell frames are ready to rock in sunglasses style as well. If you also aspire to be like a fashion icon such as Audrey Hepburn, tortoiseshell sunglasses can help. Complementing the warm summer hues, the rich warm accents of tortoiseshell light up your summer with style and fashion.

Pick dark tints in grey or brown to flatter the warm accents and kickstart this summer in style. The best part? You can pair them with any outfit as they go well with just anything you slip into.

Clear or transparent sunglasses

The see-through trend is making its presence in women’s sunglasses as well. The brightly coloured frames are so outdated as this is the year of subtle but stylish transparent frames.

You may either go for clear frames or choose ones with a faint tint. For more distinctive styling, choose transparent sunglasses with a tortoiseshell design or marble pattern on the temples.

Cat-eye sunglasses

The feminine silhouette is perfect to put more emphasis on the cheekbones and thus get an illusion of a slim face. Where the style is retro, the modern acetate and titanium have given it a dynamic twist.

Go for oversized cat-eye sunglasses to make a strong fashion statement and give maximum protection to your eyes. For an edgy look, go for an upswept frame with sharp edges.

You may also add a tint on your cat-eye prescription and non-prescription glasses and turn them into sunglasses. This way you will get a clear vision and UV protection out of just one pair of glasses.

Reworked aviators

Timeless and accentuating the facial features of both men and women, aviators have long been hailed as the most favoured trend in sunglasses. The situation is still the same now. However, with the thin metallic and titanium frames, your aviator style has become more refined. Get the sleek and clean look of aviator sunglasses and revamp your wardrobe this summer.

Embellished sunglasses

To make a bold fashion statement that is still feminine, nothing works better than embellished sunglasses. Whether decorated frame fronts or embellished temple arms, these sunglasses ever fail to catch attention.

If you can handle any style with ease, try these shades and make them work for you. People will be intimidated by your expensive look and when the bright sun shines in the sky, the pearls and stones on your shades will shine. What could be more exciting?

We hope that you have picked your favourite style and ready to rock this summer with new looks. You can easily find all of these styles at your nearby eyewear store or online retailers.

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