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It’s once again the time of year-time for predictions! With projections about the most important topic, we’ll start things off with data science. If one thing has been made clear by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, it is that corporations rely mostly on data than they have ever been. Businesses are going to have to spend their time and money on data science to just get the most out of every data. 

Suggests Ira Cohen, who is the co-founder at Anodot, you can see more individuals with the designation of Chief Data Scientist in coming years.  Cohen predicts that 90% of massive international businesses will also have CDS in force by 2022. Also, in 2021, Chief Data Scientists will divide their time accordingly. 

Data Science Predictions for 2021

Increase in the demand for Data Scientists

Josh Patterson who is Nvidia’s senior director of RAPIDS engineering, claims 2021 will give data scientists motivation. Business intelligence scientists are being confined for far too long to data collection or just pre-production growth. The few who expand workflows into development are individuals with roles including machine learning engineer and data engineer, mostly converting code from Python to Java. 

He also claimed that data scientists have begun to efficiently access huge amounts of information in 2021, significantly lowering the need for code interpreters. Get yourself data science certifications to get in-demand data scientist skills.

Training Opportunities to Develop Analysts into Scientists

Alan Jacobson who works in the capacity of Alteryx’s chief information and analytics officer is optimistic about the opportunity to capacitate data analysts into professional data scientists. While the development of workers is often relevant for businesses, the areas of data science and business innovation challenge businesses to break the mold and provide fresh and constantly changing ways of upskilling and delivering ROI as claimed by Jacobson.

Data science has advanced to the extent that it is not important for people to return to college to understand. They can learn by exploring new instruments and technology in the workplace or at home. With an enormous lack of analytical skills, most will begin new jobs and professions using new skills.

Better Use of Algos

The biofuel for further intelligent AI technology and machine learning is the monitoring of alterations in data created by SaaS-based enterprise applications as suggested by Joe Gaska who is the CEO of GRAX. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence organizations will tend to be hungry for realistic test data which can be loaded into the ML algorithms to analyze patterns of cause and effect change with time as described by Gaska.

To be able to do this, in third-party cloud/SaaS frameworks they will switch to the revolutionizing datasets as the input of the algorithms. This will build a reason for them to monitor and absorb into the DataOps ecosystem every single shift in that time-series data.

Enhanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Rachel Roumeliotis who works at O’Reilly Media as the VP of AI and data content suggests that machine learning operations will be more relevant in 2021, as companies are looking to connect data science to the very last mile. She said that for many reasons, ML causes a challenge for CI/CD.

The knowledge that drives ML applications is as critical as code, finding it challenging to monitor versions; results are predictable rather than knowable, rendering testing difficult; time-consuming and processor-intensive training of a model, making it tough to create fast cycles. Neither of these issues is irresolvable, but in the near future, the creation of solutions will take considerable effort.

Smarter AI Robots

We do have ways to get smart AI robots to walk between us. Still, the combination of data science with neuroscience is a rich sandbox for innovative ideas, as pointed out by Biju Dominic who is working as the chief evangelist of Fractal Analytics as well as chairman of FinalMile Consulting.

The research will find inspiration and confirmation from process neuroscience and quantitative neuroscience, as Artificial Intelligence makes giant progress into unsupervised data and artificial intellectual ability. The connection between the domains of Artificial Intelligence and neurological science will enable both fields of knowledge to grow rapidly.

Python is Becoming More Important 

Here is a really interesting prediction in data science by James Bednar, Anaconda’s senior technical consulting manager, libraries for Python visualization techniques can synchronize. We are currently attempting to see the collaboration of Python visual analytics resources, and this research will continue in 2021 further. For decades, Python has had some really nice modeling libraries, although there was a lot of diversity and uncertainty that makes it hard for users to select the right tools.

In several different companies, engineers have worked to incorporate Anaconda-developed skills such as the server-side big data visualization of Datashader and the connected brushing of HoloViews into a big range of visualization resources, making more power accessible to a broader user base and decreasing redundancies and efforts duplications. In 2021 and even beyond, emerging research will also help this coordination. 

Metadata Significance

To emphasize the importance of data vs metadata, Petteri Vainikka who is Cognite’s president of product marketing said the result will be surprising. Because the expense and quality of data storage tend to lean heavily to zero, and data science departments are increasingly struggling to turn their established data warehouse and unstructured data into a value proposition, the overwhelming evidence that points to the no connection between data volume and value continues to expand.

As per Vainikka, the emphasis and usefulness of metadata can surpass that of the data source, whether by feature point tagging, Artificial Intelligence centric data set mixing to reveal large datasets, or OCR/NLP approaches to turn raw data into structured data. Only a core of metadata curation would be information contextual relevance.

Tools Popularity is Increasing

Alicia Frame who leads the data science products at Neo4j, explains that large challenges need big and better tools to solve, and it will be how data science distinguishes itself in 2021. With the computing capacity of crunching data being easier and cheaper to reach, and extreme technology rendering it easier to create and deploy code, we might see data scientists return to concentrating on the basics: more efficiently tackling big problems than everyone else.

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