What is The Importance of VIP Security in The Digital Realm?

What is Online VIP Security?

Security is one of the most pressing concerns for public figures. Exploiting VIP security for personal benefit has become the norm today. This security vulnerability could be physical or digital.

Presently, online VIP security is a necessity. Why? Unfortunately, VIPs and high profile individuals are susceptible to problems and cyber threats. They are particularly vulnerable to multi-vector cyber attacks. As a result, the percentage of cybercrimes is rising daily.

VIPs are vulnerable to online security threats such as social networking imitation, account invasions, company email compromise, and sometimes even sim swapping. Attackers take advantage of their reputation and authority to deceive unsuspecting individuals into providing sensitive data and performing tasks.

Online VIP protection is jeopardized due to weaknesses in cyber security. As a result, they need a digital bodyguard to protect them from such attacks. This article will discuss why online VIP security has become necessary in this tech-savvy world.

Bad News: Cyber Threats Are Only Rising

Cyber threats now describe the correlation of people and the tech they need daily, rather than data centers and IT divisions.

Today’s development speed is mind-boggling, and it’s only getting faster. It is especially true in the field of digital media. Hackers take advantage of the disparity among overall adaptive capacity rates and the profit incentive that pushes personal data theft.

We will observe the renaissance of offenses in the next 3 to 5 years. Expert criminals, advanced cyber-cartels, common criminals, and the occasional hackers are vying for a spot in line during the most extensive flow of money in human history.

Without proper support and protection, most individual technology users are easy targets and powerless to protect themselves. Eventually, anyone who wishes to exploit them with a cyber attack can bully and abuse them. This chasm is growing more expansive, and the repercussions are becoming more severe.

Why VIPs are A Perfect Target?

VIPs are mainly lucrative victims of cyber-attacks because cybercriminals become a clear entry point due to a lack of cybercrime understanding. They have basic one-size-fits-all cyber security training, travel frequently, work remotely, and practice bring-your-own-device policies.

Here are some statistics to back up our argument:

  1. Almost 71% of C-level cyber threats are money motivated, with hackers attempting to benefit from corporate or individual data, ransomware, or trade secrets.
  2. According to Verizon Data Breach Investigations, VIPs are 12 times more likely than most other individuals to be impacted by online threats.
  3. Predictably, C-suite executives face higher cyber risks in 40% of companies.

Most Common Cyber Threats

Some of the most common cyber threats focused on VIPs are:

  1. Social Engineering
  2. SIM Swapping
  3. Malware Attack
  4. Ransomware Attack
  5. Spear Phishing
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Password Attack
  8. Mobile Phone Attack
  9. Eavesdropping Attack
  10. Man in The Middle (MiTM) Attack

Good News: Advanced Cyber Solutions Are Now More Powerful Than Ever

Typically, a security breach costs USD 7.35 million. As a result, cyber security application is critical for both big and small companies. Such security breaches have gotten worse since comprehensive hacker attacks. But the good news is that with rising data breaches year after year, cyber security solutions have also progressed through advanced and new sciences such as AI, ML, clouds, powerful data software, and IoT.

Currently, advanced cyber security is easy to implement and incredibly effective. It is also more cost-effective than ever before. Cyber security software solutions are most likely one of the best risk-reward value equations in existence today.

For many people, the moment has arrived to modify and adapt to the changing threat reality. Then again, it affects every facet of life on a personal, individual, public, and professional level. And the new advanced technology is supporting them in more efficiency, productivity, and security.

Effective Cyber Security Solutions

Here are a few practical tips to prevent cyber attacks and secure yourself and your organization online.

  1. Perseverance starts from self. Secure yourself to your full extent by password protecting your online accounts, cell phones, laptops, and other devices. Make sure you use a unique password for all of your accounts and avoid repeating them. Do not save your password on your phone, laptop, or online as they can become accessible to hackers for exploitation. Instead, get a password manager and secure all your passwords there.
  2. Start using multi-factor authentication methods such as authenticator apps, physical tokens, and password managers. Avoid using SMS-based 2FA to decrease the chances of any severe damage if your phone is compromised.
  3. Organizations must implement fool-proof cyber security policies to secure themselves, their employees, and clients from potential data or financial loss.
  4. Provide adequate training to your staff members and clients, and VIPs to protect themselves from cyber risks and how to take action in case of a cyber attack.
  5. Invest in cybersecurity software solutions and educate everyone (especially the designated employees) on their utilization.
  6. Hire cybersecurity experts to monitor and control the cyber welfare of the organization.
  7. To effectively stop the unintentional propagation of capital assets to malicious hackers, organizations must consider mandating dual authorization of financial transactions. This metric can assist businesses in risk management. Organizations also want to ensure that wire payment instructions are validated through multiple channels.
  8. Do not just invest in the security of your organizational infrastructure but also in securing your employees. Efani is one of the best personal security solutions you can get for your employees as it takes the lead to protect VIPs from sim swapping, eavesdropping, location tracking, spam calls and messages, and DDoS attacks.
  9. To minimize the occurrence that VIPs will dismiss threat prevention technology, ensure that the company enforces complete mobile security products, enables rapid email access, prevents phones from data theft apps, and implements security analytics.
  10. In terms of security precautions, VIPs and C-level executives must consider using hardened tools in regions where telecoms companies may be hostile to their best interest.

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