Learn to play fantasy cricket and win quick bucks

The pandemic turned lockdown has had a silver lining leaving aside the health crises apart. A lot of credit goes on to the emergence of fantasy-based games. Indulging in a fantasy cricket game kept the users engaged where people were asked to practice social distancing and stay within the four walls of the room. As per estimates, fantasy cricket sports witnessed a three-fold jump in 2020. Though you can indulge in cricket, football, or other game on the platform it is the game of cricket that stood miles apart from the rest. There is no denying the fact that this game has caught India by storm.

There is no shortage of cricket fanatics in India and it has gone on to make fantasy cricket immensely popular. If you are in love with cricket you can download the app and indulge in the game straight away.

What a fantasy cricket game is all about

If you are a newbie to fantasy cricket then you might be wondering what it is all about. In simple terms, it is an online game and users are likely to become part of the fantasy-based game. Here the users have to develop a team of 11 players who are the real players on the field. Points are allotted as per the performance of the players in the game whom you have gone on to chosen in the real game. It is possible to download the fantasy game on your app and start playing it immediately on your mobile phone or laptop.

Unlike real live matches here you have 22 players and from there you need to make a choice of 11 players. During the selection of the team take into account the form and even the performance of the players whom you are planning to add to your team. Take note of the fact that you should not be selecting your favorite players but the ones who are in form. This might enable you to score big and win against the competition.

When you are selecting the team taking into account the pitch considerations. In the game of cricket, there are three types of pitches which are grassy, dead, and dusty. With a green pitch, the bowlers are in a position to showcase their skillsets whereas a dead pitch is devoid of moisture. Here the batsman can score big runs as there is no form of movement in the pitch whatsoever. A dusty pitch is more suited for spinners and ensures that you have a bagful of spinners ready to exploit the condition. Make sure that the selection of players is made as per the condition of the pitch.

In addition, you need to be precise when it comes to who is going to lead your team. The choice of the captain along with vice-captain is important in fantasy-based cricket. The reason for the same is that the captain is entitled to 2x points and the vice-captain 1.5 x points for every run, wickets taken, catches, etc. Once the final score is calculated there is a strong possibility of winning if you have gone on to chooses the right type of players for your team.

An obvious fact is that the victory to a large extent would be determined by the kind of players who have chosen in the team. A mistake that people end up doing is to focus a lot on batsmen or bowlers during the team selection but they end up ignoring people who could do a mixture of both. They are the ones who could go on to create magic with both ball and bat. In fact, they are the ones who are likely to contribute with the ball or the ball and could influence the game in a major way.

By now you have gone on to formulate your own fantasy team, but there are a few handy tips to help you ace the game and win big.

  • Selection of players according to their skill levels- fantasy game is a game based on skills. It is possible to participate in ODIs or T 20s. The moment you drop down on the online fantasy cricket app the categories of the upcoming and the current matches are displayed. The current games are the ones where the participation is open and you can participate straight away. Once the match starts you cannot make any modifications or changes to the team. On the upcoming matches list, they are the ones which are about to commence and you can obtain all necessary details. If you are a new person in fantasy-based cricket you can choose to participate in the upcoming matches. With the time available at your end, it is possible to conduct research about the pitch condition, the performance of the players, weather conditions along with the current form of the players. Numerous contexts along with leagues are there where you can participate as per your skills and knowledge levels.
  • Enter with multiple teams- It would be a wrong move to enter the fray with a single team. So to increase the possibility of winning enters the fray with multiple teams. Just keep 5 to 6 core players in the same team and alter the remaining players. By changing the players you present yourself with a better chance of winning.

To conclude these are a few tips that you can follow and win big when it comes to online fantasy cricket. Even there is a necessity to brushing up your knowledge about the real rules of the game. A point to consider is online cricket is a visual presentation of the game. Ensure that you follow the game and be up to date about the rules or regulations of the game. The moment you are participating in the game you need to be confident. Trust your natural instincts when it comes to choosing a team.

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