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Welcome to the Fourth Annual fashion plate Perfect All Sports Golf Battle with Special Guest Zac Ephron. these days we have a tendency to square measure in the great state of American state for All Sports Golf Battle four, but rather than 5 players these days, we’ve six, special guest Zac Ephron change of integrity North American nation.

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We’ve actually implemented a golf club; however, you have to hit it with the court game ball– court game, croquet, soccer ball, volleyball, new whiff alert this year. I even have some plan of where this goes to travel. Therefore I am aiming to foxtail it. This is often going to be a smart initial shot.

we have a tendency to square measure going with the tennis ball– really, the dog ball, which is unfortunate, as a result of I do not think it has close to the Racquetball is the only factor we will do, therefore I am aiming to hit this ball–this lifeless, orange, spray-painted? Well, hopefully not the exact same thing– the same item.

I hope this is not poison ivy or something, you know? United Nations agency cares if I am within the sand. Not what I used to be expecting. Wow. Cory had one in every of the– I might imagine that would be one in every of the higher ones that I’ve seen if had seen a great deal.

And girls and gentlemen, I hate to try to it; however that’s the simplest meadow grass toss we’ve ever seen. OH! The court game is made for this case; however, I simply have zero trust in my court game talent.

I favor your probabilities of advancing With Zac and that I. If I create this, I am moving on, and William Frederick Cody and Garrett square measure eliminated.

So, for me, Zac, and Coby are moving on to ensuing spherical. Garrett out drove ME, and he incomprehensible the ball. His was teed up regarding two inches ahead of mine, and that is wherever they still area unit. Honestly, I am feeling pretty sensible regarding ME and Zac’s position over here.

I mean, no one’s really even used this, however. This issue is– this thing’s not going so much. This can be all I even have left. Kids, once you see a toy you’re not certain with, just, you know, get handful reps in, because you ne’er understand once you are going to use it later in life.

You ever understand once you might be in associate all sports golf battle with DP. Your thought, going into this, this would be my least favorite item of the whole spherical. This can be wherever this unhealthy boys getting to are available in handy. The unhealthy boy of badminton– that is what they called me in school.

I want I used to be there, but I do not assume I am getting to be there with you. A 2 putt for either ME or moves the US on past Garrett, correct? Grab ME one in every of those, too. Grab ME one in every of those, too. We have a pretty hole to end on, number 18.Water on the left, cheeseburgers, and fries behind it within the building. That is extremely all we ‘rethinking regarding at this time.

You bought to require advantage of the roll here. This can be not the most effective lie, and I’m not getting to lie. He said, you bought toilet the massive dog eat, and that is exactly what I am close to doing. Whiff! I am not getting to say my wingspan might bit them; however, I would say two wingspans might bit it.

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